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Chapter I. Selling Yourself on Paper
Functional Resume - Recent High School Graduate
Shortly after high school graduation, Terry has only minimal work experience, so must strengthen the resume with relevant skills gained in a variety of other ways--through classwork, odd jobs, and even helping around home.
1855 Woodside Road, Apt. 206
Fort Worth, TX 76113

Current job objective: Entry level position with a computer manufacturer.
Longer-term goal: Position in advertising, sales, and marketing of computer products.


    Energetic, hard working, willing to learn and accept constructive criticism.

    Strong motivation for advancing in a career.

    Enjoy contributing to a team effort and creating a good working environment.

    Basic understanding of the Macintosh computer.


Maintenance Skills

    As carpenter's helper:
    painted interior walls
    measured and cut lumber
    helped with framing
    operated power tools (saws, drills, sanders)

    Did basic home maintenance:
    rewired lamps
    repaired plumbing and appliances
    built shelves

    Completed classes in:
    electronics (built a TV scrambler from a circuit board)
    architectural drafting
    basic carpentry
Office Support Skills

    Assisted in inventory control and priced merchandise, as stock clerk at Robert's Market.

    Cashiered at Robert's, computing and handling large sums of money.

    Answered phones as needed.

    Completed class in Marketing:
    invented unique products
    developed simulated marketing strategies
Computer Familiarity

    Basic understanding of Macintosh programs, MacWrite and MacPaint.


June, 2003-present Stock Clerk/Cashier ROBERT'S MARKET, Fort Worth, TX
Summer 2002* Valet Parking Asst. MELLO COUNTRY CLUB, River Bend, TX
(*While in school - Plus short-term jobs as Carpenter's Helper, Waiter, Busboy, Stockwork)


    Johnson High School, Fort Worth, TX 2003

    Tarrant County Junior College, Fort Worth, TX presently enrolled in night classes in computer business administration.

From The Damn Good Resume Guide by Yana Parker
Copyright 2008 Career Planning Associates. Distributed by Pearson.
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