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Chapter III. Putting Your Best Foot Forward: The Successful Interview
Know Your Legal Rights When Job Searching
Categories:Employers May Ask: Employers May NOT Ask:
AgeAre you under the age of 18? When were you born?
How old are you?
Ancestry or
National origin
No questionsWhat is your language,
ancestry, or national origin?
BirthplaceNo questionsWhere were you born?
Where were your parents born?
CitizenshipAre you a citizen?
Do you intend to become a citizen?
Are your parents/wife/husband citizens?
When did you become citizens?
Criminal recordHave you been convicted of a crime?Have you ever been arrested?
DependentsNo questionsDo you have children?
Do you have childcare?
DisabilityNo questions Do you have a handicap?
Have you collected disability/
workers' compensation?
Marital StatusNo questionsWhat is your marital status?
MilitaryAre you a US veteran?
What is your military history?
Are you collecting a service-
connected disability pension?
RaceNo questions What is your race? Color?
Photos cannot be required to
accompany applications.
RelativesNo questionsWhere does your mother, father or
any other relative work or conduct
ReligionNo questionsWhat religious holidays do you
SexNo questionsWhat is your sex?
Sexual OrientationNo questionsAre you a homosexual?

If you feel you have been discriminated against--contact your local office of Human Rights.

Some employers may ask you questions they should not -- questions that may be discriminatory. While you should not answer them, be prepared to deal with the underlying issues (for example a question about age may be the interviewer wondering if you can handle the job or a question about childcare may be the employer wondering about whether you will miss a lot of can reassure the employer about these things without directly answering the questions).

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