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Chapter III. Putting Your Best Foot Forward: The Successful Interview
After Interview Checklist

Interview Date:Company or Employer Name:
Interviewer's Name:
To be filled out immediately after interview YESNO
Did I arrive on time?  
Did I introduce myself to the interviewer?  
Did I go through the resume with the interviewer?  
Did I maintain eye contact?  
Did I state my interest in the company?  
If I was told I would not get the job, did I ask if there were other positions available?
What were they?
Was part-time or temporary employment an option?  
If nothing was available, did I ask the interviewer for other leads?
What were they?
Was there any area which seemed to surface as a
problem for the employer?
If yes, what?
On a scale of 1-10, how interested did the interviewer seem to be in hiring me?   
When did I say I would call back?  
Did I send a follow-up letter?
Date sent:
Other issues or concerns:

(Make copies of this form and use for all your interviews)
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